Electronic commerce over the Internet is seen by the people only as a means of easy and quick shopping but as we all know this is not so simple that many people believe that putting some kind of security in their computers that security sufficient to we refer to these as firewalls which have some value but what happens when users buy something to give or deliver numbers that are credit cards no security in any way which has led us to be made several fraudulent acts, which have affected them millions of users and several banks but more important is the economy, which has suffered in most of these acts.

Various people have found hope in Internet business to grow as an example of this can be seen in companies that are involved in selling the Internet but that are not only all the motives or reasons for which people use this tool to Here are other reasons to show your internet business.

Who can sell online?

Everybody can do business online, this is not monopolized by one company but you could say that the Internet is for everyone, which brings us to another problem, if everyone can sell online without having a law handling for this type of sale can perform various transactions and not have to pay any tax you could say that this is okay because they are businesses where profit is 100 % net but tell me how this affects the country, obviously right now we do not realize but in the not too distant future is possible for almost all types of sale are to be made via the internet which will be affected the economy in a number that we cannot imagine these moments but we are sure he sees is very large.

Who can manage an Internet e-commerce

The administration of Internet commerce is not out of this world is the can any person having knowledge of using internet, we are not referring to very specific knowledge but on the contrary should be very general knowledge of which allows almost any person administering an e-commerce but an advice or tip we give them is that if they can get some knowledge in programming would benefit data to better understand what the operation of the Internet.

Which organization controls the Internet e-commerce

We are several companies to which are devoted to activitati copii study with this new phenomenon on the internet but really there is no agency to monitor the e-commerce which gives you the freedom to merchant accomplish anything in this environment we mean anything is to accept credit cards that the dealer wants only the forms of solution to any problem and especially to perform illegal acts without concern that the sanctions apply.